The Top 5 Gaming Phones for 2019

This list will help you find gaming specific mobile phones that are designed to take on the challenges offered from superior gaming. Let’s have a look at these devices that are gaming powerhouses. 1. Razer Phone 2 The Razer Phone 2 is the ultimate gem in the mine of best gaming phones. It adorns a Read more about The Top 5 Gaming Phones for 2019[…]

Apex Legends: 355,000 Players Banned for Cheating

Respawn has made a strong stand against the cheaters infiltrating the Apex Legends title and have taken strict actions against any such culprit.  The developers at Respawn studios have acknowledged the ongoing cheating in the matches and have decided to eliminate any such suspects as soon as possible to maintain the goodwill of their latest Read more about Apex Legends: 355,000 Players Banned for Cheating[…]

How To Lock iPhone Screen Rotation?

The iPhone has an excellent feature of letting its screen rotate automatically by the way its users have held it. Sometimes this feature may get a bit annoying. Not everybody wants the screen to rotate automatically. Like it or not, there are ways for locking the iPhone screen rotation feature. You may have observed that Read more about How To Lock iPhone Screen Rotation?[…]