Apex Legends: 355,000 Players Banned for Cheating

Respawn has made a strong stand against the cheaters infiltrating the Apex Legends title and have taken strict actions against any such culprit.

 The developers at Respawn studios have acknowledged the ongoing cheating in the matches and have decided to eliminate any such suspects as soon as possible to maintain the goodwill of their latest title Apex Legends.

 Online gaming is indeed making gamers around the world excited and thrilled to participate in battle royale titles, and Apex Legends has managed to establish a strong foothold over this genre of gaming.

Apex Legends allows 60 players to face off against each other and the player who manages to survive until the last man standing is declared the champion. But if amongst these 60 players any hacker or cheater takes part, it makes them vulnerable of losing the match as combating against a cheater can be no easy task.

Noticing potential cheaters in the game, Respawn took a significant initiative of eliminating any such players who are indulged in wrong practices or using cheats to win the match. And developers at Apex Legends have already removed a total of 355,000 players who were using improper means to win the game from their personal computers.

The team of developers at Respawn official announced the removal of cheaters on their Reddit post and confirmed that as of March 8th a total of 355,000 PC players had been removed from the title as accused of cheating while in a match.

The technical team at Respawn uses Easy Anti-Cheat software to detect any ongoing unfair practices by players in a match and accordingly takes action against them. Still, the battle against cheaters is an ever running task as cheaters come up with new means and tactics to win the match.

So the team of developers announced that they would adapt to any new alternatives that cheaters use to in act while playing a match and instead they are quite vigilant in combating against such cheaters. Further, they added that cheating is a very heinous crime and developer team at Respawn will make a full effort to completely eliminate such actions in the title to maintain its reputation and goodwill amongst the honest fans.

The post also suggested that the developer team at Respawn are underway in developing new Anti-Cheat measures which would be very effective against the ongoing cheating problem in the game. Still, the post did not state any further details to keep the program secretive.

Cheaters are quite talented and figure out unique means and tricks for cheating, so the new Anti-Cheat measure is behind the curtains and is getting ready to hunt down any possible future cheaters on PC devices.

Apex Legends has already started to remove any possible cheaters from the title and has kicked out 355,000 players till March 8. And in addition to it, Respawn is also consulting the tech experts at EA to establish a reliable tool to automatically remove potential cheaters from the game and allow every player a fair chance to participate in the match and win.

Let’s see what further steps will the Apex Legends developers take to stop the ongoing cheaters and provide each and every gamer a fair chance to showcase their skills and talent to win the game and not hacking or cheating.

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