Best Personal Voice Assistants in 2019

AI is the ultimate future and voice assistants are the star products that are dominating the tech market in recent times. You want to scroll through the daily news or check out the movie tickets or dinner reservation around you, and your handy voice assistant does it all. The introduction of Siri as the first modern age voice assistant opened the door for possibilities, and now we a range of voice assistants and their smart speaker devices. Here we have a point-to-point comparison between the three leading voice assistants, which have outshone its contemporaries: 

•    Amazon Alexa

•    Google Assistant

•    Apple Siri

1. Amazon Alexa

Developed by Amazon Lab126, it is a virtual assistant  first used in Amazon Echo and then in its pocket-friendly version, the Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. Apart from these, when used with Amazon fire stick it can be used to take charge of all the smart home devices. With better technology used in the latest version, it has answers to more general knowledge based question. Along with its straightforward answers, it also provides context and sources when the complexity of the asked question is high. It is by far the handiest one thanks to its ever-growing bank of downloadable “Skills”, making it possible to add features to it. It voice training capabilities your complete family can use these.

2. Google Assistant

The undisputed champion for Android users, developed by Google, this virtual assistant is available on smart home devices and mobile phones. The latest version can now engage in two-way conversations. Google-Home is the compatible voice-activated speaker compatible with both Google and Android devices. Apart from being good at general tasks of music podcast, making calls or controlling devices etc., voice recognition and providing the best accurate responses is where Google Assistant leaves others behind.

3. Siri

The first important voice assistant created by Apple Inc., Siri uses natural-language user interface for performing its tasks when given a command. It currently understands 20 languages giving it an edge over others. It helps the user in controlling basic home automation features through HomeKit devices like the HomePod. Those who are loyal to Apple devices, Siri is the ultimate answer to your search for a voice assistant. The inability of HomePod unlike the iPhone to differentiate between the voices is what makes it lag behind the two. The depth of knowledge and the answers that it can provide to the trickiest of questions, safely proves that Siri is the new Google.

Our Take – All the three assistants have their share of strengths and, and you should choose according to your priority.

Alexa – Most flexible with device compatibility

Google Assistant – most accurate in responses

Siri – best for Apple users and when used with Apple Appliances.

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