Format a Computer Hard Drive by Using the Command Prompt

We all know Hard Drive very well and its importance in our life. The hard drive is working as an electro-mechanical data storage device which uses the magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information by using one or more rigid rapidly rotating disks coated with the magnetic material.

Do you even think that formatting a drive is almost the same as buying a new hard drive, as the process erases all the data in just one fell swoop only. You just need to remember that whenever you format your hard drive, you should also clean all internal as well as peripheral storage media. However, hard disk formatting includes some other storage devices such as pen drive, USB, flash drives, and also memory card, is very much helpful and also meaningful for the computer. To format a hard drive by using the Command prompt is one of the easiest methods which anyone can easily do.

In this post, we try to enlighten the whole process of how to format the computer hard drive by using the command prompt. Before starting the process, ensure that you take the backup of all available data on your hard drive, this process is only to prevent you from the data loss. Carefully follow the below-given steps to format a computer hard drive.

Steps to Format Computer Hard Drive by Using Command Prompt

The process of formatting the computer hard drive is a very easy process, but to make it easier you just need to follow the steps in ascending order, by this way you will save your much time and it will take your fewer efforts. The steps are discussed below:-

  1. Firstly, click to Open Command Prompt.
  2. Right-click on Command Prompt.
  3. Click to Run as administrator.
  4. Now, the command line is open on the screen, type Diskpart on it.
  5. Click on the Enter tab.
  6. Subsequently, a Diskpart Window will open on the screen, and then type List Disk on it.
  7. Again, click on the Enter
  8. Then, it automatically lists all the available drives.
  9. Now, Select type Disk or Disk Number, you need to provide drive number which you need to be formatted.
  10. Alternatively, type the word Clean, as it permanently deleted all your files and folders and completely clean up the disk.
  11. Type the word Create Partition Primary, to make your drive accessible again.
  12. Finally, format the drive with the help of FAT or NTFS file system.
  13. Type Format fs=ntfs.
  14. Click on the Enter tab.
  15. Lastly, type Assign, to easily assign a drive letter.

Hopefully, the above-given process helps you in formatting the hard drive easily.

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