Fortnite: New Teaser Revealed for Season 8

The countless fans of Fortnite are eagerly waiting to experience the new season 8 while fulfilling the ongoing Overtime challenges.

The hype for the upcoming season 8 is on the rise and with a teaser revealed by Epic Games developers, a new pirate theme for the forthcoming season is hinted.

But now Fortnite has revealed yet another teaser for season 8. The new season 8 teaser has showcased an image of an angry cobra which is possibly going to be included to the title.

The teaser tweet posted by Fortnite, included an image of angry cobra and had some description below which stated that fans could spot something shimmering inside the caves.

Many community members are speculating that possibly a snake or cobra might be guarding some critical item or loot inside the cave. Also, the post had some rhyming details which suggested that players should be aware of those who will arrive on waves.

Possibly Fortnite is trying to indicate the new pirate them and new characters for season 8. Also, the map is expected to split apart resulting in the formation of new islands for players to explore in the game.

As the upcoming theme for the title is hinted to be pirate related, it is entirely possible that new vehicles like ships or boats would also be included.

Epic Games have previously included shopping cart and X-4 stormwing plane in the past to travel vast distances on land and air, so it is quite natural that they might include ships or boats to Fortnite.

Also by including a boat or ship to the game Fortnite players will have the means to travel in all the three domains (land, water, and air). Moreover, developers at Fortnite also hinted that a new vehicle is under development for fans to experience a whole new dynamics to the game.

Fans are excited and confused at the same time as the hint for snake and pirates does not complement each other, but it is guaranteed that players are going to experience something unique and different from the past seasons.

 With each passing day, players are brought across a piece of new information related to season 8 which is resulting in a number of different theories and speculations. But only the actual release of season 8 will clarify of what content and new features will be brought to the title.

Let’s see how the new theme comes in action as it is expected that a devastating earthquake will result in drifting apart of the main island into numerous small islands. Hopefully, something exciting and extraordinary is under its way for players to enjoy.

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