Fortnite Prepares to Include World War II Inspired Infantry Rifle

Epic Games has included a variety of content for fans to enjoy, ranging from items, modes, and events, to weapons. And this time Fortnite has planned to include another new weapon to the title.

Fortnite recently hinted a new Infantry Rifle for players, by showcasing it in the hybrid construction shooter and allowing players to experience the new weapon by picking it up and equipping it.

  As per the in-game news feed provided by Fortnite, a new Infantry Rifle is all set to be included to the title with text denoting that this weapon comes with a classy design and it can be used for a new combat style.

Although no information is provided for the functioning of the weapon, still it is undoubtedly inspired by the real-life M1 Garand, which was the weapon used by American forces in World War II.

The new Infantry Rifle is undoubtedly a classic gun to make its appearance in the Fortnite, and more interestingly players are speculating of any new mode to be included with this new weapon.

Many community members and fans are also wondering that the inclusion of this new Infantry Rifle may result in vaulting of Hunting Rifle as Fortnite has vaulted many weapons in the past too. It is expected that Epic would vault the Hunter Rifle from the game before they introduce the new Rifle.

It is not clear that when would this new weapon would be included in the game as a new season 8 is also lined up to be released. Many believe that this new weapon could be the part of a new season, as week 10 for season 7 is already coming to an end.

With the earthquakes occurring all across the map of Fortnite, players are quite sure that Fortnite is going to have some significant changes in the map layout and battlefield.

Possibly this new Rifle could be used in changed dynamics of the game and may have some prominent edge for players who equip it. The more mysterious riddle that community members are trying to decode is the prisoner character.

It is entirely possible that the Prisoner could play a significant role in season 8 or maybe the theme for season 8 would revolve around him. Still, till then players have various other locations to explore and accomplish any left out tasks for week 10 of season 7.

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