Guide to Restoring Missing Media After Downgrading iCloud Storage Plan


iCloud storage plans are not very costly, especially when you compare them to the other cloud storage alternatives. People who use iCloud Photos can easily use up the 5GB free space that comes with iCloud. They then have to get the paid storage plan.

People who have paid iCloud storage space may be tempted to discontinue the recurring payment and simply use local storage for keeping their media files. However, they should exercise caution when using iCloud Photos. When one downgrades their storage plan, the media files are not deleted at the very instant. However certain photos and videos become inaccessible.

It is still not known whether the media that was uploaded by you more than the downgraded plan gets deleted or not. However, Apple has not promised to store it for an indefinite time.

For example, if pictures and videos are absent from the Camera Roll after switching to a cheaper storage plan, then it may have happened due to the downgrade.

Here is how you can restore the missing pictures and videos

  1. Switch the iCloud storage plan to the earlier one.
  2. Use an Apple device such as Mac or iPhone which has ample space.
  3. Turn on full-resolution downloads.
  4. Wait for the download to get over.
  5. In case, the full resolution downloads option is already activated, then turn off iCloud Photos on all the connected devices.
  6. From iTunes, supervise the backup and synchronisation process.
  7. Make use of Photos for importing pictures from iPhones to make sure that the storage does not get full.
  8. Ensure that a complete backup of all the pictures has been created.
  9. Remove all the images and videos from the iCloud Photos.
  10. Now, switch to a cheaper iCloud storage plan.

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