How to Limit Google Form Submissions

When Google Forms are created, they are public by default. Therefore, anybody who has the form’s URL can make submissions. All the quizzes, polls or survey questions within the form do not bear any date or expiry and are capable or collecting infinite responses until the forms are closed by the creators. In this blog, we will discuss the methods of setting form submissions limits.

Setting up Google Forms limits

Google Forms do not provide any option for specifying response limitations or expiration date. However, creators can add the feature in their forms by using add-ons.

For starters, they can get the add-in named Email Google Forms. With the help of this add-in, they can send responses to Google Forms via emails. This add-in can also be used for scheduling the forms and limiting submissions.

After installing the add-in, navigate to the form and launch the add-ins option. Select Email Notifications from the list and click on Limit Google Form Responses.

Setting Response Limits

Follow the steps mentioned below, and add response limits on your forms:

  1. Launch the Google Form.
  2. Go to Tools.
  3. Click on Script Editor.
  4. Add the Response Count limit.
  5. Or else, add the date of closing or opening of form. You can also add the time.
  6. Go to the File tab.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Select the Run tab.
  9. Click on Initialize.
  10. Give all approvals.
  11. Move over to Resources.
  12. Click on Current Project.
  13. Check the triggers and confirm them.

Auto-launch Google Forms

If the form is presently not open and submissions are not being accepted, then the creator can add an opening date and the closed form will auto-open when the time comes. This feature is helpful when creating forms for event registrations.

Auto-close Google Forms

While specifying the criterion for the closure of new submissions, you can add the exact date or add a limit to the number of submissions allowed. This way, the form will either get closed on the specified date or when the set numbers of responses have been made.

Add Custom Message

If you have set a limitation for your form, then you can create a customized text that shall appear when anyone opens the closed Google Form. The message needs to be written in regular basis fonts, and it cannot have rich formatting and HTML tags. Creators can add line breaks, links, and email IDs.

Form makers can also add an opening and closing schedule along with the limitation. For example, they can add a schedule wherein the form shall accept responses on Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Apart from this time window, the form shall be closed.

Parting Words

If the user has added a submission limit along with a closing date, then the one that happens first shall shut the form. For removing the schedules and limitations from the Google Forms, one needs to hit the Reset button.

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