How to Link Data Part in Excel in the PowerPoint?

As we all are aware with the term PowerPoint, it is a slideshow presentation program that’s a part of the Microsoft Office suite of tools. However, PowerPoint will now make it easy for every user to create, collaborate, and also represent your ideas in active, visually convincing ways.

Sometimes, for making a PowerPoint Presentations looks more pragmatic, some office users can link their Excel Worksheet in it. It has some benefits.

  • It always serves as a valuable skill to the users, as it allows data to be presented in a more clear and easy to understand manner.
  • It helps in evading any mismatch of information in your report as the changes will instantly be reflected in the presentation, then the files share the original location.

Here we provide few simple steps about how to link a part of data in Excel Worksheet in Microsoft PowerPoint. The steps are discussed below,’ but you need to follow the steps in a given sequence.

Link Excel Data in PowerPoint Presentation

 Before starting the process, it is important to know that the terms embedding and linking are quite similar and the term interchangeable are pretty different.

  1. Click to Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click to Launch saved workbook with data to insert and want to link.
  3. Select Section, by drag over the data.
  4. Under the Home tab, press Copy tab.
  5. In the PowerPoint Presentation, select the slide where you paste the copied data of the worksheet.
  6. Now, on the Home tab, click on the below Paste arrow.
  7. Choose Paste Special option.
  8. Under Paste Special heading, select Paste Link. And Select the Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object, under ‘As.’
  9. Alternatively, if you want to link complete worksheet to PowerPoint then:
  • Click to Open PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Select the Insert And click on Object.
  • Under the Insert dialog box. Select Create from File option.
  • After that, click on Browser. Under the Browse box, search for the Excel Workbook with the data you need to insert and link.
  • Finally, ensure the Link option nearby to the Browse tab.

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