How to Troubleshoot Windows “USB Device Not Recognized” Error

Microsoft Windows is designed to accept almost all kinds of USB devices. But sometimes Windows computer shows an error saying USB Device Not Recognized while the device is connected to the system. This situation may lead to loss of important data or prevent users from sending a bulky file. The Windows doesn’t tell the user about the problem that is causing the error to appear when connecting a device with the computer.

Well, there are some reasons like Windows operating system needs to be updated, unstable UBS controllers, USB has some software issues colliding with Windows OS consequently Windows is displaying the error or an improper removal/ ejection of USB device. To check whether the USB device is working correctly or not, you must connect it with another system. If the device is working correctly in that system, then there is something wrong with the settings your computer system.

You don’t have to bother much if the USB is working fine, but there is a problem with the Windows system. There are some methods that you would want follow to fix the problem and prevent the error to occur again and again. To check the issue, you have to dig into your computer for which you may need some guidance. To that end, you can refer the steps mentioned below through which you can fix the error saying USB device not recognized.

Let’s see the methods to fix the error “USB Device Not Recognized” in Windows

Try updating the driver

  1. Open Control Panel in your system.
  2. Now, go to View by at right corner and click to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Now, select the Small size to sort all the options.
  4. Search the Device Manager option and click to open.
  5. In the next window, expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
  6. Select the device facing the problem and right click on it.
  7. Now, click Update driver from the list opened. A popup window will appear.
  8. Click Browse my computer for driver software from the window.
  9. Select the Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer option.
  10. Uncheck Show Compatible hardware to display a list of all the installed drivers currently in the computer.
  11. Now, select the manufacturer from the left pane and the driver related to it from the right pane of the window.
  12. Click Next to install the driver manually.
  13. The system should recognize the device.

Updating the drivers will be helpful because the new files will get into your system, hence the Windows will display any error saying USB Device is Not Recognized.

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