How to turn on/off LG G Smartwatch?

The latest LG G watch is programmed to stay active at all times whether it be on your wrist or while you plug it for charging.

LG G watch can help you in various daily tasks that you require to accomplish on a daily bases. You can use your LG G smartwatch for a variety of tasks like setting alarms, receiving messages, notifications, emails and much more.

As LG G watch offers no keys or buttons at the front and the sides of the watch, so it practically runs on your voice commands or through accessing its touchscreen display, it also sometimes become confusing for the new users to undermine on/off feature for the watch as there are no such keys to do so.

 If you are looking for means to turn on your newly purchased LG G smartwatch all you need to do is just connect it with a charging cable and turn on the power supply. As your LG G smartwatch is connected with a charger it will automatically boot up and accessible for your use.

But it is not possible to access a charger every time, so there is an alternate way to turn on your smartwatch. If your LG G smartwatch has some battery backup left in it and it is turned off, then in such a scenario it is possible to turn back on your watch.

 In order to turn on your smartwatch flip your watch up-side-down, now look for a tiny shiny silver button which is located above the five golden circles. You are required to press and hold the silver button for two to three minutes but to do so, you will need a small pin or something pointy as the button is tiny and not quite easily accessible.

Once you press it for two to three seconds, your smartwatch will boot up and will be ready for your use. In a similar fashion, you can also turn off your watch by pressing the same silver button.

But if you are not willing to pinch your new smartwatch and still desire to turn the watch off to save its battery while not in use you can do so by accessing the Android wear OS.

Although the option is buried under a lot of menus as I guess LG does not want its users to leave their devices, you can refer the steps below to turn off the LG G smartwatch.

  1. Tap the display of watch to access the Speak now option.
  2. Now head to the Settings option.
  3. Now navigate through the settings menu and select Power off option.
  4. Choose the checkbox to verify that you want to turn off the watch.

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