How to use Cortana and Alexa Together

Microsoft’ Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa are working tougher in the U.S. The service is available on limited devices like Amazon Echo, Windows 10 PC, and Harman Kardon Invoke Speakers. Microsoft in its Build developer conference at the beginning of this year, revealed that Cortana and Alexa could be seen working together to fill the gaps between the limited work capability of two Artificial Intelligent software. That will help the users to stay in the same place to use the two facilities at the same time. Microsoft, in other words, meant that the two assistant in a single device would help a user who uses Microsoft applications like Outlook and Office, a lot. Alexa is not compatible to perform tasks like send emails or any professional work but is capable of performing stuff like calling, playing music, etc. But Cortana is capable of doing all the professional things. Hence the presence of the two assistants would be productive and useful for the user but how do we make the two to work together?

Let see how to use Cortana and Alexa together

Open Cortana in Alexa devices

  1. Open Alexa app in your handset
  2. Tap to open the menu from the top left corner of your phone
  3. Now go to Skills and select it
  4. Log into your Microsoft account if asked or create a new one if don’t have
  5. Command “Alexa, open Cortana” to connect with Cortana
  6. From now, you get assistance from Cortana with commands like “What emails do I have?” etc.

Now Alexa in Cortana devices

  1. Open Cortana in your Windows 10 computer
  2. Click the microphone icon in the window
  3. Command “Hey Cortana, open Alexa
  4. Now, you have to sign in your Amazon account to connect both the assistants
  5. You can find Alexa has come to your device to assist you
  6. It can perform some tasks like Weather reporting, traffic reports and you can even ask Alexa to add things in the Microsoft to-do list

Still, Alexa is limited to Windows 10 computers, for example, it cannot play music in the system. It might take some time to enable the feature to play music in windows with Alexa, still, the collaboration between the two is amazing to help the users to stay on one device to complete their tasks. Don’t forget that there would be no notification telling you to link up both the services, you have to perform link-up on both the devices. You will need to link both of them as Alexa alone would not connect with Cortana and vice-versa.

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