The Complete Guide for Creating Siri Shortcuts

Shortcuts, introduced in iOS 12, is the talk of the town. This new tool allows users to automate some crazy tasks. For example, there is a Siri shortcut that turns on the front camera and starts shooting a video when the user commands Siri that they are being pulled over. However, this app may confuse the users initially.

The Shortcuts application was formerly known as Workflow. Later, it was purchased by Apple and integrated into its operating system, similar to Siri. It is quite comparable to Mac’s Automator apps, wherein users can simply drag and drop tasks into a list.

This application is available on all iOS 12 devices. If anybody already had the Workflow application, then that app will automatically switch to Shortcuts after they update to iOS 12. Users who did not use Workflow application can download the Shortcuts application from the Apple App Store.

How to create Shortcuts?

When you open the Shortcuts application, you will notice that in the left pane, a list of actions will be available. You can select any action and drag it into the center empty region. At the upper, right corner, there is a small switch button that consists of the settings for the workflow, such as the title, etc.

Firstly, in order to select an action, tap on the search bar located at the upper left corner. Now, look for the operation and drag it into the center of the screen. When any shortcut is implemented, the actions get accomplished from upper-side to lower-side. Some tasks are accomplished individually, and others take input from the preceding action/s. Actions that receive input or give output are linked to their bystanders with small lines.

Add custom voice commands for Shortcuts

After performing sufficient actions for the app to find as shortcuts, just do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Siri and Search option.
  3. Now select the Shortcut you wish to utilize with Siri.
  4. Insert a custom voice command to it.

Whenever you notice any action, you wish to make a Shortcut for, just press it or hit the + icon following it and you will be able to speak the command in a pop-up box. The command will get heard by Siri and saved and added to the list of Shortcuts. After that, whenever you wish to execute the action, simply tell the command to Siri and you shall be lead to the respective application.

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